Repair and Refurbishment Programme 2001– 2018.
2001-2018 Grants Awarded and Fundraising Monies

July 2001: Agreement by PCC to ensure that the Parish Hall remains a Community Hall. It is a very important Heritage Building and has been available for community use for over 350 years.
December 2001: Condition Survey by Bartosch & Stokes – Chartered Architects – Historic Building Consultants. NWDC (North Wiltshire District Council) Conservation Officer Survey. WCF (Wiltshire Community First) giving support on fundraising and future management plans.
2002: Architect’s Plans for Refurbishment accepted in principle by Liaison Group. These include the reinstatement of first floor to stabilise the building and provide meeting rooms, moving the kitchen and toilets to the North wing and refurbishing the Master’s House for residential use.
2003: 1) Archaeological desk top survey prepared. 2) Quantity Surveyor’s Budget Costs for refurbishment prepared. 3) Architect’s Projected plans on public display.
August 2003: Phase I/Stage I – North Elevation Windows Project completed and paid for.
2004: Phase 1/ Stage 2 – South and West Elevation Windows completed and paid for.
2005: Phase 2 –Landfill Tax Credit grant from Hills Recycling for rewiring, new heaters & lighting.
2006: Phase 3 – Emergency Roof Timber Treatment.
2007: Phase 4 –Repair & refurbishment of kitchen – Big Lottery “Awards For All”
2008: New furniture – NWDC Area 2 Grants. Phase 5 – Courtyard enhancement. Town Council grant. Phase 6 – Floor repairs – Waylands and Red Lion Fund, 02 Community Grant. Phase 7 – Roof Repair fundraising started. Phase 8 -Repair of windows of the house – NWDC Energy Efficiency Grant.
2009: Emergency Repair to Roof Valleys—Cricklade Town Council Grant. Emergency Repair to Boundary Wall – Waylands Grant. Decorating—North Hall, Toilets, Entrance Hall and Schoolmasters House. Cricklade Fun Run. New floor coverings—Schoolmasters House – Sportsman’s Association Fund.
2010: Roof Survey and Timber survey carried out. Phase 9 – Repair to drains and courtyard re-surfacing. Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Area Board Grant. Enhancement of courtyard planting etc. – Sportsman’s Association Fund. Repair of brick boundary wall – Red Lion Charity Fund. Additional emergency repair to roof – Waylands Grant. Launch of ‘Raise the Roof’ Olympic Campaign – Fundraising for £169,000 complete repair and relaying of Main Hall, North Hall, Schoolmasters House and Porch Roofs.
2011: Publication of the Cricklade Jenner Hall Five Year Sustainable Business Plan 2011 – 2016. Phase 10 – Toilet and Entrance hall upgrade and decoration—Waylands, Cricklade Sportsman’s Fund and Red Lion Charity Fund. Wiltshire Community Foundation Grant.
2012: Decorating of Main Hall and toilet corridor. & New curtains Main Hall—our own fundraising events. Phase 11 – October 2012 saw the start of the complete repair and laying of all the Cotswold Stone roofs, costing £169,000. Funded by £1,000 from Cricklade Town Council. Additional support came from Hills-Group Ltd – £52,196.00 (which was generously supported by two local business & 2 members of the community); Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Area Board – £5,000; SITA – £60,000 (which was generously supported by local business); NCAP – £750.00, and Veneziana Fund – £1,000, plus contributions from our own fundraising events.
2013: The Roof Project started in the Autumn of 2012 was completed in March 2013. Decoration and upgrading of Room 2 in Masters House. Phase 12 -New Fire Door for North Hall—funded by £5,000 from Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Area Board; £10,000 from the Awards for All Lottery Fund and our own fundraising events. New radiators and decoration of North Hall and new curtains for both Halls – supported by our own fundraising events.
2014: New radiators for Main Hall and PIR lighting entrance area. New custom-made gate funded by Waylands Estates. Non-slip vinyl flooring and decoration of rear corridor in Masters House. New cooker and fridge/freezer funded by Red Lion Charity.
2015: Custom-made notice board for courtyard and entrance porch courtesy of our own fundraising efforts. Major upgrading undertaken in Store Rooms because of the dampness in the walls. Air vents in all areas and new fire door. We also had new guttering put on the outside of the store rooms. Painted and vinyl laid on the floors, settled with legacy and our own funds. Replacement of ‘artificial’ leaded window in North Hall with leaded window by Bristol Glass. Also own funds.
2016: Ramp from North Hall fire exit allowing wheelchairs to exit easily. Own fundraising. Gas and electricity meters moved from the front entrance to Room 1 allowing the entrance hall to be decorated. The entrance area was much improved. Own fundraising. New carpeting laid in front entrance. Own funds. New wider custom-made fire door for the Main Hall to allow mobility vehicles to access it more easily. Own funds. 12 lockable handbag lockers installed. Own funds. 30 new chairs bought for the Hall. Own funds. Further work to drainage from store room roof and in conjunction with a neighbour. Own funds. Electric water boiler installed in kitchen. Own funds. Installation of metal roller shutters in kitchen at serving hatch. Own funds. New fridge freezer bought for kitchen. Own funds.
2017: Relocation of heating timer to new area in the hope renters would stop changing the time clock. Own funds. Bat survey carried out in preparation for a replacement chimney to Masters House that would now be carried out in 2018 when all frost has gone. Removal of rotten wood from Entrance Hall and area filled in then new flooring installed. Own funds.
2018: Another bat survey undertaken. Own funds. Chimney showing signs of frost damage. Replacement chimney completed in June. Own funds. Refurbishment of toilet corridor. Own funds. Two surveys for swifts and swifts’ nests.