logo-save-it-club03We call on all residents of Cricklade to help support the Jenner Hall. By joining the “Save it” club you will be making a real contribution to the upkeep of the hall and you could win one of 2 cash prizes in our monthly draw. Download our application form.

The club is run by Paul Marley who used to be one of the Jenner Hall Trustees. He can be contacted on 01793 752851, or  e-mail paulmarley21@talktalk.net

The Save It Club is a regular, monthly way of donating £1.00 each month to this community building. It provides a vital and steady source of income for ongoing maintenance of the Hall, keeping it open whilst fundraising is taking place.

Subscribers will be encouraged to pay a year’s subscription of £12 by Standing Order. Winners will be drawn each month. First prize is 30% of total monthly subscriptions. Second prize is 20% of total monthly subscriptions. The Jenner Hall Repair & Refurbishment Fund therefore benefits from 50% of total monthly subscriptions

The Trustees thank you for your support.