CRICKLADE JENNER HALL TRUST (Registered Charity No: 1120507)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Jenner Hall on 14th March 2018

Present: John Hickman (Chairman)

               Vicky McIntosh (Vice-chairman)

Margaret Hunt (Minutes and Bookings Secretary)

Tony Clements (Cricklade Town Council Representative

Amlyn Ramage (PCC Representative)

Other Trustees: Eric Cripps, Margaret Cripps, Annie Dentith (Prospective Trustee)

Also in Attendance: Paul Marley (‘Save It’ Club Organiser), Mark Clarke (Cricklade Town Council Chairman)

Apologies for Absence were received from Karon McDonald (Jenner Hall Trust Treasurer), Harvey Faulkner-Aston, Allie Frame. No apology had been received from Bev Williams, nor was it known whether she wished to resign as a JH trustee. John Hickman would contact her. A post-meeting apology was received from Wiltshire Councillor Bob Jones.

Also absent were Ron Atkinson and Liz Sherman, both of whom had tendered their resignations from the Committee. Margaret Hunt was asked to respond to the letter that had been received from Ron.

 Minutes of the 2017 AGM:
These were confirmed as a correct record and signed by John Hickman. 

Chairman’s Annual Report:
Heating Controls and Hire Problems John Hickman first made reference to adjustments to the heating controls in the Hall, which would be carried out to prevent problems associated with user interference with them. He then spoke of the damaging result of hirers sticking items on the lime plaster walls. A penalty would be applied if this happened in future, also if users (more likely to be those who held children’s parties) left the Hall in a dirty or unkempt condition.  A Committee Member rota would be drawn up for the purpose of inspecting the Hall before and after each letting.

Gas Hot Water Sink Heater and Flue Updating This had been carried out.

Fire Extinguishers were now being serviced by a different company, the previous one having gone out of business.

Master’s House Chimney A steeplejack firm, G and S, had removed as much loose material as possible from the chimney stack, which was scheduled to be replaced in late April or May 2018. The work would be supervised by the Jenner Hall’s Building Consultant, Harvey Faulkner-Aston.

Meanwhile, John Hickman would take up the matter of continuing delay in confirmation of insurance cover by contractor Ian Plank.

Main Hall Curtain Rail One of these will need to be replaced.

Re-plastering of Corridor Wall This will soon be carried out, and a heater will be installed to overcome future dampness in this area.

Additional Matters. John Hickman concluded his report by giving the welcome news that Ron Atkinson would continue to manage the Hall heating, and had prepared written programming instructions for the use of others. The Annual Report concluded with thanks to everyone who had supported the running of the Jenner Hall – Margaret Hunt (bookings management and secretarial duties), Vicky McIntosh and team (fundraising work) and Paul Marley (continued management of the ‘Save It’ Club). Karon McDonald, new Trust Treasurer, was welcomed.

Treasurer’s Annual Report, 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2017:
In Karon McDonald ‘s absence, Vicky McIntosh referred briefly to the figures in the Report. Points raised would be dealt with at the next JH Trust Meeting.

‘Save It’ Club Annual Report:
Paul Marley drew attention to various aspects of the Club’s activity during the past year. It had been another steady period, with seven more members than previously. Christmas Raffle sales yielded £260.00. In January 2018, £930.00 was transferred to the JH account (£892.10 in January 2017). Since its inception in 2002, just over £1,479.00 had been raised by the Club.

Jenner Hall Annual Bookings Report:
John Hickman summarised Margaret Hunt’s report for 2017. Total income from lettings had been £2,730.95, a decrease of £859.55 over that received in 2016. A list of Church events held in the Hall was also provided, plus Jenner Hall Coffee Morning fundraising dates.

Election of Trustees and Appointment of Nominated Trustees:
Eric Cripps and Margaret Cripps proposed and seconded the appointment of Annie Dentith as a Nominated Trustee. All except Ron Atkinson and Liz Sherman were prepared to be re-appointed (on a proposal by Eric Cripps, seconded by Tony Clements). Due to concern about the new level of trustee representation, it was agreed that efforts should be made to attract volunteers. This would be done by word of mouth and local advertisement.

Appointment of Independent Auditor / Examiner:
Claire Bowen was re-appointed.

Any Other Business:
Jenner Hall Investments In answer to a question from Mark Clarke, the assurance was given that these were invested in an ethical account.

Damage to Main Hall Wall. It had been suggested that the placing of a large picture on the wall might act as a deterrent to poster-stickers. Photographer Graham Light would be contacted for his advice and assistance with obtaining and framing this item.

There being no further business, the AGM closed at 7.50 pm. Mark Clarke and Paul Marley then left the meeting. 

Minutes of the Trust Meeting held after the AGM on 14th March 2018

Appointment of Trustee Officers   On a proposal by Eric Cripps, seconded by Tony Clements, John Hickman was re-appointed as Chairman, Vicky McIntosh as Vice-chairman and Karon McDonald as Treasurer. 

Next Jenner Hall Trust Meeting Date This would take place on Wednesday 9th May 2018. The Post-AGM Meeting closed at 8.10 pm. The meeting finished at 8.25 pm.