portcullisRobert Jenner Goldsmith was the MP for Cricklade from 1628 to his death in 1651. On his death he left a legacy for a school to be built for the children of Cricklade.
The Jenner Hall was originally built as a free school in 1652 for the boys of Cricklade. It was one of the first free schools in England. When the money to pay the Schoolmaster ran out, the school became the Parish Workhouse until the inmates were later moved to Purton.
During the hall’s time as a Workhouse, a Master’s House and brewery were built onto the hall. In 1840, following community subscription fund-raising, it once again became a school and the North Hall was added as part of the Victorian Elementary school plan. It remained as a school building for the children of Cricklade until 1959, when the new Cricklade Church of England Primary School was built.
Educational records held in the Wiltshire Archives show the building and the numbers of children being schooled over the years.
The Jenner Hall was then sold to the Bristol Diocesan Board of Finance and became the Cricklade Parish Hall.
In 2007 ,by which time the Hall was in need of urgent renovation and repairs, a Community Trust was established and St. Sampsons’s Parochial Church Council passed responsibility for the management of the Hall to the newly established Community Trust, which is a registered charity charged with its use and upkeep.